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About Us

Working highest quality organic Cacao from one of the most pristine habitats on Earth.


  Cacao Hunahpú® shares the superfood Cacao originating from its birthplace, the jungle region of Chiapas, through creating direct connections with native communities and agroecological sustainable family farms. By promoting Cacao medicine supports the ethical, transparent, and honest trade of the highest quality organic beans, protecting indigenous Mayan communities, their traditions, and values.


  We strive to conserve the highest quality of Our Cacao offering a unique experience in different parts of the world in bioethics and environmentally friendly manner, strengthening the connection with Mayan communities, and striving towards the autonomy of the Cacao agricultural families in Chiapas.

Cacao Hunahpú® envisions the development of sustainable and responsible networks with the small-scale business and consumers, promoting Cacao medicine and the benefits it has on our everyday lifestyle and positive feedback on the environment.

Meet Cacao Hunahpú® Team

Jan , Co-Founder

MSc in Earth Science

Melina .jpeg

Melina , Team-member

Berlin , Germany

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