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Ceremonial Cacao

  Cacao is a plant medicine that has a powerful benefit for our physical and psychological well-being. The Ceremonial Grade of the Cacao is fundamentally defined by the intention with which is grown, harvested and handled. Cacao trees must be part of the cycle that rejuvenates the soil year after year. There is absolutely no space for degradative over-cultivation, fertilisers and chemical pesticides.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao
Cacao Hunahpu
How cacao would make me feel

Cacao is a psychoactive plant, yet not psychedelic, that works with ordinary consciousness to support access to expanded holistic states that are gentle, easy to integrate and navigate.

Heart-centred medicine helps us to soften ourselves in a way that increases our capacity to love and connect with others in genuine ways, grounding us in life independent of the challenges it presents.

Cacao specifically has the benefit of helping us learn about our gifts and purpose, and how to share that with the world.


Deepens feelings of relaxation and belonging, clearing the mind of worries, and directing it towards positive emotions and feelings of bliss.

Preparing your ceremonial Cacao

With Cacao Hunahpú® we share our love for Cacao medicine focusing on sourcing the highest quality of Ceremonial Grade Cacao straight from its origin in the jungles of Chiapas, supporting indigenous and native family producers. We focus on transparent, honest, and direct trade and maintaining ancestral traditions.

The creation of Ceremonial Grade Cacao must fill a certain criterion to experience its full medicinal effects and power:

Must be of an ancient Criollo strain that is single-origin sourced.

100% Pure Cacao, not defatted and minimally processed under-low temperatures.

Produced intentionally with respect and love.

Grown and harvested sustainably utilizing regenerative agriculture practices.

It must be equitable. There must be fair pricing for the farmers and labour justice for everyone involved in the value chain

Making Cacao your Ritual

Cacao plant medicine is here for us to regularly connect with deeper selves without the overflow of intensity that could be easily integrated into our everyday life, bringing us to a place of inner peace and harmony. A regular Cacao ritual just means you consume Cacao with consistency in a way that is meaningful to you.



The beauty of the diversity of how people work and share Cacao around the world, joined with meditation, nature connecting, seasonal celebrations and intentional ceremonies.

Time to connect within, with strong support for inner healing and transformational work.

Cacao is full of compounds and nutrients that inspire imagination, increase focus and concentration, help us open up, and guide us deep into our inner selves.

Could be a source of deeper connection and intimacy with others, ease of letting go of limited belief, and source of new insights and inspirations.


It is a perfect morning ritual, community ceremony or extended time for self-care. Carry the importance of setting time and space aside, giving yourself a space to enjoy all the benefits, to be present with Cacao and what you experience within.




Ceremonial Grade Cacao Hunahpú® 

-  For daily-regular use or meditation: 20 g/serving

-  For the ceremony: 35 g/serving

150-200 ml of hot water for each serving of Cacao

We recommend using natural and vegetable ingredients for better nutrient absorption, but these ingredients are optional. Traditionally cacao was served with red chillies/ cayenne pepper. You can add sweetness to your cacao with different organic and natural ingredients, however, we don't recommend processed sugar.


Brown sugar

Maple syrup

If you want to make your Cacao Hunahpú more creamy vegetable milk is a good alternative. Animal milk shouldn't be used as it isn't compatible with high levels of theobromine and can cause indigestion. These are some ideas for healthy alternatives:  

Oat milk

Almond milk

Soy milk


1. Heat water to boiling.

2. While the water is heating, begin to chop the ceremonial grade

    Cacao Hunahpú®, depending on how much you will use.

3. Mix grated Cacao Hunahpú® with hot water. It should be hot enough to touch with your fingers, just below the boiling point (80°C).

4. Stir your cacao over the heat until it is completely melted and dissolved.

5. You are ready to enjoy.