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We are sourcing only the highest quality Cacao Criollo bean, cultivated in a sustainable and organic way in its native tropical ecosystem!

Health Benefits 

We have been consuming Cacao for over 5000 years and interestingly for the vast majority of the time, we have been consuming it in the drink form, from the grindded in the paste of pure Cacao beans dissolved in the water.

Cacao is a natural aphrodisiac and a wonderful source of magnesium,  an important cofactor for vitamin D, helping to bring the nervous system into a relaxed, parasympathetic state, activating the ventral vagus nerve, and promoting detoxification, digestion, and rest.

Cacao Hunahpú® - Natural Superfood

Biodiverse tropical forests of Chiapas mountains, home of Cacao Hunahpú®

 Cacao Hunahpú® benefits

The highest source of magnesium and minerals

Magnesium is chronically deficient in modern diets, and Cacao is the highest naturally occurring source. Magnesium is used in all key brain functions, especially memory and concentration. It is also beneficial for the function of the heart, acting to relax blood vessels and decrease strain. Besides magnesium Cacao is the highest naturally occurring source of iron and chromium. Additionally has high amounts of other minerals fundamental for the good functioning of our body like calcium, phosphor, sulphur, zinc, potassium and copper. Cacao has more calcium than cow milk!

Rich in Omega 6, 9 (oleic acids) fatty acids

Full of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, E



Very good for the kidneys with strong diuretic properties, greatly improving nutrient transport to each cell of the body.Gentle and grounding stimulant of the nervous system, alleviating stress.

Phenylethylamine (the love particle)

Has aphrodisiac properties and is a natural stimulant of endorphin production.

Anandamide (the bliss chemical)

Organic chemical compounds and neurotransmitters produce similar effects to some cannabinoids. Natural regulator of the mood, both uplifting and stabilizing. Favouriting the concentration and the feeling of pleasure, while increasing cerebral growth and functions.


Reduce blood pressure, supporting the pancreas while reducing overweight. Significantly reduce risks of autoimmune sicknesses like cancer

Rich in hormones and neurotransmitters like norepinephrine (joy molecule), serotonin (creates resistance to stress and creates a feeling of well-being) and dopamine (gives feelings of motivation and pleasure) and MOA inhibitors of their uptake.

Most potent antioxidant known! Occupies the 1st place above green tea, acai fruit, red vine and Goji berries.

Cardiovascular function due to the presence of phytosterols. Increases blood circulation by 30%. Stabilizes the levels of cholesterol and supports good blood flow.

Great support for women during their menstruation cycles.

Cacao Hunahpú® Nutritional information:

Nutritional value for 100g of product   

Energy value                          2689 kJ/ 652 kcal


Fats                                               59,64 g

    -Of which saturated fats                36,64 g

Carbohydrates                                  8,7 g

    -Of which sugars                            1,0 g

Fiber                                               14,7 g

Protein                                            12,76 g

Salt                                                0,008 g

Nutrients content  for 100g of product

Phosphorus                                    523,7 mg

Iron                                              4,69 mg

Magnesium                                     289,56 mg

Potassium                                      725,61 mg

Manganese                                      3,1 mg

Zinc                                              5,42 mg

Cacao Hunahpú® vs cocoa

There is a big difference between dark chocolate and pure Cacao, where our ceremonial grade Cacao represents the highest possible end in the sense of its properties and effects.

  Cacao refers to the whole Cacao bean whereas cocoa is defatted Cacao that has been industrially processed. Pure Cacao contains around 50% Cacao butter and is an excellent source of nutrients and psychoactive compounds, such as theobromine, magnesium, antioxidants and mood enhancers.

  Cocoa powder is made by taking these pure Cacao beans and removing the Cacao butter, which is half of the natural, whole bean. This is done by huge industrial hydraulic presses that squeeze all of that good fat out of the beans, resulting that it is no longer a whole food, losing the majority of its nutrients and properties. The fat helps the body absorb all other nutrients and balances out the stimulating effects of Cacao, so they are more even and grounded. It is full of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids and phytosterols are known to decrease harmful LDL cholesterol and antioxidant polyphenols.

Cacao Beans roasted.jpeg
Comparing Cacao and Coffee


Cacao is a naturally stimulating food, but that energy source comes primarily from theobromine, a bitter alkaloid. While theobromine & caffeine have some things in common, cacao compared to coffee is:


More heart and endorphin stimulating (compared to the central nervous system)

Gives a more grounded and less jittery feeling

A superfood source of nutrients & essential minerals

Full of healthy fats (50% of weight), which helps the body integrate the stimulating effects



Cacao does contain both caffeine & theobromine. However, the amount of theobromine is 5-10 higher than the caffeine, making it the primary psychoactive compound in Cacao.

The caffeine content in Cacao ranges from about 0.1 - 0.3 % by weight. 1 serving of pure Cacao (20g) has around 53 mg of caffeine, which is close to a strong cup of black tea (avg. 47 mg of caffeine).

The theobromine content in Cacao ranges from about 1-2% by weight, so 1 serving of pure Cacao has around 400mg of theobromine.

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