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Hand selected, organic produce

 Our Cacao

  Cacao Hunahpú® is single-origin, 100% pure, organic Cacao Superfood. We provide the highest quality of Maya ancestral "Drink of Gods" from Theobroma cacao rarest variety of Criollo beans. Our Cacao is grown and harvested in an ecological and sustainable way in its native agroforests, full of diverse fruits and flowers, giving its unique flavours and aromas.

Sourcing our Cacao from native Maya communities of the mountains region of Soconusco in southern Chiapas, Mexico, we not only aim for a more conscious, greener world where we maintain ancient traditions but support small indigenous family farmers and collectives through our transparent and honest exchange network.  

  Cacao Hunahpú® is packed with nutritional compounds and elements stimulating our mood, calming the mind, revitalising the body and heart, and giving an inner feeling of joy and bliss. Methods of its preparation follow traditional hand techniques based on work with stone, wood and fire, giving it its unique properties and attributes.   Bringing to you Mayan Cacao, we give you not only a sensorial experience but the healthiest habit that can become part of your routine, the recipe of which has been guarded for thousands of years.

Cacaohatán, Soconusco

       Birthplace of  Cacao Hunahpú®

Native bioregion of rare Criollo variety, that has been transformed into Ceremonial Grade Cacao for thousands of years!

 Sustainable and environmental solutions

We focus on the single-origin, ethical and sustainable highest quality of Cacao to deliver a unique experience of this plant medicine, of which knowledge and traditional use survived within native Mayan communities of Chiapas. Cacao Hunahpú's® production and supply chain models promote a positive impact on the world, free of environmental destruction, based on sustainable agroforestry models of small local collectives and families. We are focusing on maintaining Mayan indigenous wisdom in production techniques.

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Healthy and honest exchange

Unlike many other supply chains in the world where Cacao passed through at least 10 intermediaries from farm to consumer, what you buy from Cacao Hunahpú® passes through only 3 to 4 hands. The direct and transparent trade chain promotes ethical values and sustainable development, allowing way more profit to stay with the indigenous family farmers producing it.

Beyond Fair Trade
Cooperativa de familias cacaoteras de Soconusco
Careful selection and artisanal approach

Sourcing our single-origin Cacao from a small collective of family farmers allows it to maintain its flavours and nutritional properties that are usually lost in the vast majority of Cacao products. Unique profiles of taste are obtained thanks to working by hand with small batches, that are carefully processed from harvest, through fermentation to roasting. 



It is very important for us that our producers and farms earn a living wage and that it can be verified. We establish a direct transparent relationship with our source rather than relying on big-scale intermediary multinational fair-trade companies that usually take most of the profit. In this way, we develop an honest, sustainable, direct, and respectful ecological supply chain that benefits local families with pay that are way beyond fair-trade wages:

25 % of all our profits stay with the local farmers and producers.

Authentic and rooted in traditional techniques

From the harvest to the final product, work by hand gives our Cacao an almost unique character and strong artisanal values aiming in delivering the highest quality Ceremonial Grade Cacao. Our beans are roasted by hand using ‘comal’ (traditional Mayan clay griddles) over a woodfire instead of industrial propane ovens to ensure extraction of Cacao nutrients and preservation of its unique flavours and sensations.

Ancient Cacao Strain

Cacao Hunahpú® is sourcing the rarest Criollo Cacao bean, which represents only 5% of world cultivation and is native to a small region of Soconusco in the mountains of Mexican Chiapas. The Cacao we use is the richest in mood-elevating compounds (highest theobromine) among all the other Cacao origins and families.

Our Cacao comes from an extremely unique, ancient bio-ecological niche, being the same plant that has been cultivated by Mokayas, Olmecs and Mayas cultures for over 4000 years. Its unbroken history of traditional ritual use, maintained by local indigenous communities up to date, allowed our cacao to preserve special, rare profiles and characteristics that have been long lost across the world.


It is considered the finest Cacao in the world thanks to its flavours, aromas, and proprieties. The diverse agroforestry bio-dynamic environment in which Cacao is grown allows it to gain unique notes of fruits and flowers.  Due to the ambiguity of the history of the region and its isolation native indigenous communities managed to save and protect from the exploitation of the oldest known Cacao strain, i.e. Criollo of Soconusco.

Unique aromas and flavours